Do you need a writing or editing job done?

A biography, maybe?

A ghostwriter for your autobiography?

A series of articles for a brochure?

An obituary or family memoir?

An Annual Report for a club or corporate body?

Travel article?

I can help

Whatever you want to achieve, I can suggest a path that takes both quantity and quality into account.

If possible, we meet face to face. Writing is not only competence-based but also personality-driven. A meeting will give you a better idea of what I bring to the job.

If it is not possible to meet, we can discuss by phone and/or email.

Scenario One

Let’s say it is a series of articles for a museum brochure.

You explain a few priorities. I listen and take notes, then commit to send you a few specific proposals in, say, a week’s time. I also offer a quote on estimated costs, including an hourly rate for my writing and editing.

Scenario Two

“I’m running for State President of the Returned Services League, Patrick. Can you help revamp my campaign brochure?”

This first phase could take two hours. I send you a draft for discussion and approval. The second phase is the fine-tuning and presentation.


I also give workshops on writing. Lasting up to two hours, each session is tailored for the participants.

Among the groups I have addressed and encouraged is the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, of which I am a keen member and for which I was voluntary editor of the newsletter History West for two years until November 2011.

The famous greengrocers’ apostrophe . . . I have spent hours in workshops discussing the pitfalls of punctuation.